The Second Workshop Beyond Vision and LANguage:
inTEgrating Real-world kNowledge

COLING Workshop

Accepted Papers

  • Eyes on the Parse: Using Gaze Features in Syntactic Parsing
    Abhishek Agrawal and Rudolf Rosa
  • Leveraging Visual Question Answering to Improve Text-to-Image Synthesis
    Stanislav Frolov, Shailza Jolly, Jörn Hees and Andreas Dengel
  • Seeing the World through Text: Evaluating Image Descriptions for Commonsense Reasoning in Machine Reading Comprehension
    Diana Galvan-Sosa, Jun Suzuki, Kyosuke Nishida, Koji Matsuda and Kentaro Inui
  • How Do Image Description Systems Describe People? A Targeted Assessment of System Competence in the PEOPLE-domain
    Emiel van Miltenburg